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Willem Van Lynden

An interview with Willem van Lynden, Boost Capital’s sales director

We caught up with Willem van Lynden, Boost Capital's sales director, to find out who he is, what he does and what he sees for the future of unsecured finance.…
15 January, 2020
Piggy bank
Business finance

Business loan basics: 5 tips for success

Is it your first time applying for a business loan online? There are loads of lenders out there, but they’re definitely not all created equal. So how do you find…
02 January, 2020
Russell Caulfield
Testimonials & case studies

Case study: How we help Kennet Leasing serve their customers better

Meet Russell Caulfield, commercial finance broker from Kennet Equipment Leasing, a 120-person company based in Coleshill, just east of Birmingham. They provide fast, convenient financing on business equipment for amounts…
11 December, 2019
EU flag outside Downing Street
In the news

Brexit: An opportunity for small businesses?

Brexit. It's a word that's enough to strike fear into the heart of any small business. But as scary as it is, it isn't all bad - where there's change,…
28 November, 2019
Business finance

Ultimate guide to financing your business [24 funding options]

When you need working capital for your business, there are a wide number of options to choose from and they each work in different ways. There are so many options,…
18 September, 2019
Man signing a document
Legal & compliance

Should you register your company name as a trademark?

Building a business and a brand takes a lot of determination and hard work. So it’s important to make sure no one else can swoop in and take that away…
11 September, 2019
Shopping centre at Christmas
Your industry

How to prepare your retail business for the Christmas rush

They say Christmas starts earlier every year. Almost as soon as Halloween finishes, the shops become festooned with Christmas decorations, Quality Street boxes, and whole aisles devoted exclusively to bath…
28 August, 2019
Burger and potato waffles
Your industry

Food labelling requirements: What you need to know if you run a restaurant or café

Running a café or restaurant can be very delicate work. Whenever you work with food, you have a unique responsibility for the health and wellbeing of your customers. You also…
21 August, 2019
Tax forms
Finance & cash flow

How to choose the right accountant for your business

Handling your business’s accounts is delicate work. It can also get very complicated and time-consuming very quickly, particularly when you consider everything else you need to be thinking about. So…
14 August, 2019
Man using a laptop
Business finance

9 reasons why your business loan application might be rejected

When your business needs capital urgently, applying for a business loan can be an anxiety-inducing process. Your fingers and toes will be crossed that your application is successful so you…
05 August, 2019

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