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6 things your restaurant’s website must have in 2019

Without a website, your restaurant could be missing out big time. More and more diners are doing their research on where to eat online. But just having a website for…
19 April, 2019
Credit score
Business finance

What credit score do you need to have to be eligible for a business loan?

Credit: InvestmentZen. TL;DR: There’s no hard and fast rule, and your credit score is usually just one of many factors taken into consideration. Your credit score is used by lenders…
17 April, 2019
UK and EU flags
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29% of small businesses expect Brexit to have a negative effect

We're 14 days past the original Brexit deadline of 29th March, and yet we're still in the European Union. Parliament has rejected Theresa May's deal three times, and a six-month…
12 April, 2019
Boxes in stock room
Business finance

What can you use a business loan for?

Debt can be a very misunderstood animal. It’s normal for most people to talk of being in debt as being a bad thing. Our first assumption when someone’s described as…
03 April, 2019
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How to revamp your restaurant and win new customers

Running a restaurant has never been easy. The number of restaurants which fail is high, public taste is fickle and eating out is one of the first luxuries to be…
02 April, 2019

‘Best Service from an Alternative Funding Provider’

Here at Boost Capital, we’re proud of the service we give to small business owners up and down the country, so we’re delighted to have won an award for it…
29 March, 2019
Ice cream parlour kitchen
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Should you buy new or used equipment for your restaurant?

Whether you’re starting a new restaurant or refitting an existing one, this is a common question that crops up. In an ideal world, you’d have enough cash available to buy…
27 March, 2019
Man using a laptop
Legal & compliance

Everything you need to know about Making Tax Digital

As a small business owner, you’ve probably already heard about HMRC’s Making Tax Digital initiative which is due to start coming into force at the beginning of next month. However,…
22 March, 2019
Sofa website on a laptop
Marketing & sales

How to take your online store to the next level

E-commerce is one the fastest growing sectors in the world. And considering how simple it is to set-up your own online store, that’s no surprise at all. But if you…
20 March, 2019
Credit score
Finance & cash flow

How to improve your business credit score

Credit: InvestmentZen. Before a lender will let you borrow money for your business, they’ll want to make sure it’s likely you’ll be able to pay them back. They do this…
15 March, 2019

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