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Is Your Beauty Salon Ready for the Holiday Season?

By December 15, 2015 No Comments
Is Your Beauty Salon Ready for the Holiday Season?

beauty salon christmas promotionsAre you looking for ways to increase your beauty salon’s footfall during the holiday season? Here are some tips to help your hair salon attract more customers over Christmas and into the New Year.

Dress up your storefront to bring people inside and make seasonal upgrades to your salon to keep them coming back. If your hair salon is on a main shopping street, your storefront and windows can act as an effective billboard that draw customers inside. Inside the salon, you can take an idea from the supermarkets and place small inexpensive items on the reception desk, labelling them as “stocking-fillers”, for those last-minute impulse purchases. Alongside these stocking fillers, you should also be displaying your salon’s gift cards – an often undervalued tool for hair and beauty salon businesses. After all, who doesn’t appreciate a good pampering now and then? Essentially gift cards are an upfront payment for a service, which is always a win-win. And by solving your customers’ gift dilemmas, they’re also introducing future customers to your salon.

Make sure the gift card itself is attractive and pleasing to the eye. If you’re asking someone to spend up to £50 on a gift card for your salon, then it needs to look like it is worth it – not just for the buyer but also for the person receiving the card. Like most things, a gift card isn’t just for Christmas. Have a number of designs made so that not all the cards are season specific, but could be given for birthdays or other holidays like Valentine’s Day. Also, think outside the box and don’t just have them available in the salon. Let people know about your gift cards online through your website, email marketing during specific gifting periods, and on your salon’s social media profiles.

As Christmas approaches, decorate your social media profiles in a similar way to your beauty salon. Let your profile images and posts act as your online window dressing, spreading the season’s cheer to your followers. Festive imagery always tends to get people in the mood, so why not play on that? Also, your neighbours and other local businesses will no doubt be participating too on social media, so consider sharing or retweeting their holiday posts. Many businesses will reciprocate by sharing your social media posts and direct more traffic your way.

We know that the holiday season is a busy time for hair salons, but always try to spare some time to promote the slower months of January and February in the New Year. Post your New Year hair and beauty offers throughout December on your social media channels, and prepare people for the New Year sales. You can also kill two birds with one stone with a Christmas card to your customers, inviting them to come in during December, and informing them of what’s to come in the New Year. Remember that those who do come in to the salon during Christmas should always also be informed about what’s coming in the New Year. Hopefully, they’ll be happy with the service that you’ve given them and they’ll be only too happy to accept your offers, helping you to retain them as a customer.

By putting these ideas into practice, your beauty salon should see a busy and profitable holiday period! Perhaps you’ll also need to take on more staff. At Boost Capital, we can also provide the finance to grow your beauty salon, and attract even more business!

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