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Broker case study: How we helped Sedulo fund £250,000 in just over a month

By January 23, 2019 No Comments
Leyton Jeffs

Leyton JeffsMeet Leyton Jeffs from Sedulo Funding Solutions. He’s one of the many commercial finance brokers we work with every day. We helped Leyton and his team by funding six deals for them in December and January worth just under £250,000. They referred their deals to Kevin Smith in our broker team.

We caught up with Leyton to find out why he chose Boost Capital

Why do you refer your leads to us?

I like how Boost operate. We get decisions quickly and the pricing is very transparent. There is also not a lot of back-and-forth with additional info, so the process is pretty slick.

Tell us about your experience with Boost Capital

Prior to setting up my business, I worked at Boost so my experience is as an employee formerly and then as an introducer! Like most lenders, credit appetite can be a bit cyclical but we do find that if it’s a no, we get a quick no and the process works well.

What makes you choose us over our competitors?

Sedulo logo

  1. Direct access to people who can make decisions
  2. Transparency
  3. Speed

How do we compare to other lenders you’ve worked with?

The positive thing about working with Boost Capital is that there aren’t a lot of layers. Being a small business, we don’t get tied down with not having access to people and getting decisions that we can’t understand.

What tips would you give to other brokers working in the same sector?

It’s easy to throw an opportunity at as many lenders as you can and hope that some of the mud sticks. I feel the value in being the broker is knowing the deal and being able to shortlist a small number of lenders to provide a solution that works for the client. I guess the most important thing is taking the time to understand your client’s needs and their business.

What’s your opinion on the future of unsecured lending?

A lot of people comment that it’s a bubble that’s about to burst. However, there are more and more lenders entering this market. And while lenders are able to underwrite in an effective way that keeps defaults low (in relation to cost!) then I think it’s here to stay. There is no doubt there’s demand for it as more traditional lenders keep shying away from SMEs.

And what’s it been like working with Kevin?

Kevin is an interesting guy! He’s pretty formal and business-like in his approach and tells it how it is. I personally find Kevin to be a great person to work with as I know I get it straight from him and I never feel like I’m being “sold to”!

Impressed with Leyton’s story?

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