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Case study: How we helped a broker get their deal funded in just 6 hours

By March 14, 2019 No Comments
Paul from Bathgate Leasing

Paul from Bathgate LeasingWe know that when a business needs cash, it needs it fast. A long wait for a business loan could be the difference between success and failure.

This is why we put so much of our effort into making the approval process as smooth as possible – our aim is to get that money in our customers’ accounts as quickly as we can, often in as little as one to two business days.

Last week, we helped Bathgate Business Finance – one of the many commercial finance brokers we work with – fund a deal in just half a day thanks to our auto-decision technology!

The application came to Nathan Billson in our broker team just after lunchtime and the client had the money in their account before the day was done. That’s just under six hours from application to funding!

We asked Paul from Bathgate Business Finance a few questions about why they work with us:

Why do you refer your leads to Boost Capital?

This is the first deal we’ve sent you for a while. We used you a few years ago but since then you’ve made a lot of advancements which is why I’m glad we tried you guys out again – particularly with speed.

What’s been your experience with Boost Capital?

Dealing with Nathan was great. He got on with it and cracked on with getting the deal done – and done fast! The process was slick.

Why did you choose Boost Capital over competitors?

There was a real need from the client to get funding quickly. We received some of your marketing which talked about your fast funding and new auto-decision technology tool. This caught my eye so I decided to reach out to you. And bang – literally six hours later my client was funded!

How does Boost compare to other lenders you’ve worked with?

You’re personable, make it simple, and take the hassle away from me. We’re busy working so Nathan was happy to work with the client directly, which shows he went above and beyond the call of duty.

What’s it been like working with Nathan?

Great guy – keeps in touch and I generally enjoy our conversations. We’ll be sure not to leave it so long this time round before sending across my applications.  It’s not just Nathan, though – the whole team I’m sure worked well collectively to pull through for the client so from myself, and on behalf of my client…. keep up the good work.  Cheers to many more.

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Or if you’re a broker, find out how you can start sending your deals to us today.

Benefits of working with Boost Capital:

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  • Quick decisions
  • Non-homeowners accepted
  • Dedicated business development manager

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