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Case study: How we help a US broker fund their UK deals

By April 23, 2019 No Comments
Scott from Financial Advantage Group

Scott from Financial Advantage GroupOur dedicated team of business development managers work with brokers across the UK to help businesses get the funding they need. But we also work with some brokers who are a little further afield.

Based in the US, Financial Advantage Group has worked with our parent company BFS Capital to serve businesses across the US and Canada for eight years.

Last year, they entered the UK market and now work with Kevin Smith on our broker team to help businesses across Britain as well.

We talked to Scott Williams from Financial Advance Group:

Why do you refer your leads to Boost Capital?

We initially had a relationship with Boost Capital’s parent company based in America, BFS Capital. We had been working with BFS Capital for roughly eight years. As we’re new to the UK market, approaching a year now, working with Boost Capital was the natural next step. We’ve formed a great professional relationship, so I’m pleased we connected and are doing business together.

What’s your experience with Boost Capital been like?

Fantastic. Being US-based, it’s good to have the relationship we have with Boost Capital. They’re very helpful and jump straight in with fulfilling any requirement necessary to get our merchant funded, and funded fast. I found that they’re very hands-on, which is valuable.

Why do you choose Boost Capital over competitors?

I have four main reasons for this:

  • They give the quickest decisions: In an industry where time is of the essence, this is critical to us
  • Communication: Our business development manager Kevin keeps us in the loop at all times
  • Their ability to present different options: If the merchant can’t get approval to borrow the amount they’d like, for whatever reason, they come back with different options or alternative offers.These are always well explained too which makes it easier to pass on to the merchant as well. They don’t have a “take the deal or leave it” mentality
  • Commission: It’s competitive

How do Boost Capital compare to other lenders you’ve worked with?

Great. Firstly, they are aggressive on commission for brokers. This is motivating. Secondly, as mentioned before, their speed. From start to finish, they’re professional, and processes are quick and smooth.

What tip(s) would you give to other brokers working in the same sector or market?

Well speaking as a US broker operating in the UK market, we took a very difficult step to move outside a market we’re familiar with. For other US brokers looking to crack the British market, do note there will be stumbles along the way. So stay focused and motivated, and don’t give up. The transition into new territory comes with a learning curve, but it’s worth it in the end.

What’s your opinion on the future of unsecured lending?

For both the US and UK, there will always be a high demand for finance from small businesses. In my opinion, the merchant would prefer to go down the alternative route, especially when they’ve continuously been underserved and let down by traditional high street banks.

What’s it been like working with Kevin?

Kevin SmithKevin has been extremely important to our growth in the UK market. Kevin’s always been there all the way. For us it’s very important to have him on your side. He has concrete knowledge of the sector and educates us along the way. He’ll always pre-screen and give you a heads-up on potential hiccups the underwriter might highlight. In turn, it helps us manage expectations. To sum it up, it’s been rewarding in more ways than one.

Boost Capital is great in regard to all communications – Kevin even speaks to the merchant where necessary.  We’re always part of the circle – never left in the dark.

10/10 for their proactivity and I certainly would not hesitate in recommending them to other brokers, from the UK or the US.

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