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Business finance

How to get a business loan in 5 steps

Is it your first time applying for a business loan online? There are loads of lenders out there, but they’re definitely not all created equal. So how do you find…
By 02 January, 2020
Business finance

Ultimate guide to financing your business [24 funding options]

When you need working capital for your business, there are a wide number of options to choose from and they each work in different ways. There are so many options,…
By 18 September, 2019
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Business finance

9 reasons why your business loan application might be rejected

When your business needs capital urgently, applying for a business loan can be an anxiety-inducing process. Your fingers and toes will be crossed that your application is successful so you…
By 05 August, 2019
Business finance

How to qualify for a small business loan

Qualifying for business financing isn’t always easy and different providers have different criteria that you’ll need to meet. To put you in as strong a position as possible, follow these…
By 10 July, 2019
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Business finance

What is bootstrap financing?

Have you heard of the phrase “pull yourself up by your bootstraps”? Well just in case you haven’t, it means that you should do something yourself, without expecting or needing…
By 25 June, 2019
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Business finance

How do business loans work?

Whatever industry you’re in, your business needs money to function. But small businesses in particular often struggle with cash flow. In fact, according to research by the Asset Based Finance…
By 28 May, 2019
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Business finance

Business loan vs personal loan: What’s the difference?

When you’re looking for financing for your business, you may be tempted to just get a personal loan instead of a business loan. But is that really the best choice?…
By 13 May, 2019
Business finance

Why business loan interest rates aren’t everything

TL;DR: Short-term loans with high annual interest rates might work out cheaper in the long-run, and mean you’re free of debt sooner. In most situations, interest rates are a great…
By 09 May, 2019
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5 reasons banks don’t lend to small businesses any more

Small businesses have a big impact on the British economy. 99% of all businesses in the country are defined as small or medium-sized. But since the financial collapse in 2008,…
By 02 May, 2019
Business finance

Do you have to be a homeowner to get a business loan?

TL;DR: No, you don’t. But it depends where you apply. “Are you a homeowner?” You’re likely to come across this question while you’re on the search for business funding. But…
By 26 April, 2019
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