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What credit score do you need to have to be eligible for a business loan?

Credit: InvestmentZen. TL;DR: There’s no hard and fast rule, and your credit score is usually just one of many factors taken into consideration. Your credit score is used by lenders…
By 17 April, 2019
Boxes in stock room
Business finance

What can you use a business loan for?

Debt can be a very misunderstood animal. It’s normal for most people to talk of being in debt as being a bad thing. Our first assumption when someone’s described as…
By 03 April, 2019
Paying by credit card
Business finance

4 reasons you should consider a merchant cash advance

Every business needs cash, whether they’re big or small. But managing cash flow is one of the hardest parts to running a small business. If you’re struggling to keep your…
By 28 February, 2019
Woman doing her accounts
Business finance

2 of the biggest myths when it comes to business finance

As you can imagine, we talk to small business owners a lot. So we understand a great deal about their concerns and misconceptions when it comes to getting business funding.…
By 18 February, 2019
Man checking his watch
Business finance

Speed is of the essence when it comes to business finance

From The New Era in Commercial Lending from Arrk Group An in-depth study from Arrk Group has highlighted the importance of speed when it comes to business finance. According to…
By 01 February, 2019
Piggy bank
Business finance

What is Open Banking and how will it make applying for a loan faster?

You might have heard of the phrase 'Open Banking' already but what is it exactly? And most importantly, how will it help make the process of getting a business loan…
By 29 January, 2019
girl scratching head merchant cash advance
Business finance

Business loans vs merchant cash advances

Business loans and merchant cash advances are two different types of business finance options. Although they both provide instant working capital, they differ in many ways. To help you understand…
By 20 June, 2018
Business finance

The growth of the alternative finance market

Looking to kick start your business idea or accelerate your business but need a cash injection to take your company onto the next level? You’ve certainly landed in the right…
By 12 April, 2018
Where Does Unsecured Lending Sit In The Alternative Finance Landscape?
Business finance

Where Does Unsecured Lending Sit In The Alternative Finance Landscape?

The specific type of short-term, unsecured lending offered by Boost Capital is a relatively new form of finance to the UK, and it’s one that has tended to be eclipsed…
By 02 June, 2015
Infographic: Funding for UK Businesses
Business finance

Infographic: Funding for UK Businesses

Business owners throughout the UK need capital for any number of reasons. From replenishing inventory and purchasing new equipment to expansion or simply just a financial cushion during non-peak seasons,…
By 03 September, 2013
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