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Legal & compliance

Key 2020/21 tax year dates for small businesses

The end of the UK tax year is a great time to knuckle down and get your books organised – making sure all of your invoicing, expenses and banking are…
By 02 March, 2020
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Marketing & sales

Ultimate small business SEO guide [2020]

Your business is nothing without customers. Whether you’re running a restaurant, a beauty salon or a garage, you need to make sure people can actually find your business online. Social…
By 04 February, 2020
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Legal & compliance

Should you register your company name as a trademark?

Building a business and a brand takes a lot of determination and hard work. So it’s important to make sure no one else can swoop in and take that away…
By 11 September, 2019
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Finance & cash flow

How to choose the right accountant for your business

Handling your business’s accounts is delicate work. It can also get very complicated and time-consuming very quickly, particularly when you consider everything else you need to be thinking about. So…
By 14 August, 2019
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Finance & cash flow

13 tips for improving your business’s cash flow

Since you’re reading this, we assume you already know what the biggest challenge for small businesses is - cash flow. Even otherwise successful businesses with healthy revenues and profits can…
By 31 July, 2019
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Marketing & sales

10 questions to ask an SEO agency before you hire them

Looking after your website’s SEO is a delicate business. Do it right and you’ll boost your company’s online visibility, which means potentially more customers and more revenue. But do it…
By 24 July, 2019
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6 common reasons why some small businesses fail

No one starts their own business because they want it to fail. That’s obvious. But it’s a sad fact that not every small business survives the challenges which confront them…
By 08 July, 2019
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Marketing & sales

Ultimate digital marketing glossary [218 terms defined]

Digital marketing can be a confusing subject, filled with jargon, abbreviations and initialisms. So we've put together this ultimate glossary of digital marketing terms to help you figure out what…
By 01 July, 2019
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Legal & compliance

When’s the right time to form a limited company?

When most people start their own business, they choose the quick and easy route – establishing as a sole trader or partnership. Both legal structures are simple, uncomplicated, and are…
By 28 June, 2019
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Legal & compliance

A guide to small business insurance

Along with finding funding and dealing with legal and tax-related paperwork, buying your business insurance is likely to be one of the first things you do when you set up…
By 13 June, 2019
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