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Get Your Hotel Ready For The Easter Holidays

By March 23, 2016 No Comments
Get Your Hotel Ready For The Easter Holidays

With Easter fast approaching, many families will be planning to take advantage of the long bank holiday with some quality time away together.

Now, going on holiday with children of any age can often prove challenging, and any parent planning a family holiday is going to be searching with some very specific criteria in mind. They are going to want a hotel that makes the entire experience stress free for them, as well as being enjoyable for their children. And so to best satisfy your guests’ stay, here are some easy enhancements to enrich the stay of any family at your hotel this Easter.

Kids Club

No family hotel is complete without a kid’s club, giving parents a well-deserved break and offering some wholesome fun for the children. A kid’s club is a valuable asset when marketing to families. We would recommended recruiting experienced, capable staff who not only love children, but also have a passion for entertainment and experience in organising genuinely innovative activities. We would also recommend hiring bi-lingual staff who can cater to different nationalities, and try to keep the club open as late as possible. To offer comfort to concerned parents, invest in a health and safety test as well as a First Aid box.

Given that it’s Easter, we would recommend incorporating as much Easter Egg fun as possible: no Easter club would be complete without an Easter Egg Hunt, egg and spoon race, or egg decorating competition whilst for other ideas your staff could take inspiration from the Four Seasons. At this extremely exclusive hotel, the guests’ children are invited to raid the kitchen fridge every Saturday night. A brilliant, low-cost idea that will keep each and every child extremely happy.

Value Added Packages

No family is the same, but there are certain requirements that unite every parent trying to occupy their children. And without a doubt, families seek engaging activities that are fun for the whole unit. By partnering up with local attractions and offering discounts or special rates, you could well differentiate your hotel from the competition and offer something of real benefit to your guests. Do some research and speak to local parks, science museums or art exhibitions – they may well have children’s activities that they are hoping to publicise during the Easter season. Partnering up could well prove to be mutually beneficial.


Any hotel looking to attract families should try to offer as much help as possible, and whilst many of us endeavour to do so it is impossible to pack the kitchen sink in our suitcases! By offering strollers, high chairs, bottle warmers and baby baths, you will guarantee the loyalty of your visiting guests this Easter and should see some favourable reviews on Trip Advisor as a result.


Offering early dinners and helping to adhere to some form of routine will be massively beneficial to any parents traveling with their little ones. We would also advise offering a buffet option – there is little that will warm a child’s heart more than the possibility of wandering amongst a vast array of food options and being able to pile their plate higher with more chips than they could ever possibly eat. Give the children what they want and their parents will respond with a fair amount of gratitude. And for those who really want to shine having Disney performers or some form of decoration will similarly help to amaze any little guests in your dining hall.

An Easter Boost

The number of intricate details that go into making a hotel a successful venture are numerous. These are just some of the ideas that we at Boost Capital can provide to our clients in the hospitality industry. But whatever you choose to do, hotel financing solutions need to be considered to ensure the success of your business, at Easter and beyond.

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