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Introducing The Boost Capital ‘Champions Series’ – Carrera 2000

By April 30, 2018 No Comments
Boost Capital Champions Series - Customer Testimonial
Boost Capital Champions Series - Customer Testimonial

Boost Capital Champions Series – Carrera 2000

The ‘Champions Series’

We have an exciting new weekly feature for everyone. Introducing the ‘Champions Series’ a showcase of some of Boost Capital’s best and brightest customers making waves in their industries and growing successfully.

In our first feature we have the pleasure of featuring John Borsos of Carrera 2000 an excellent custom clothing, design and workwear company based up North in Bury.

Tell us about your business

“Well Carrera 2000 is a clothing company, we produce workwear, school wear, sportswear, all that kind of clothing. We buy garments in bulk, we personalise it with embroidering, bespoke printing basically any sort of personalisation the customer wants and we re-sell them to order. So it’s a unique, bespoke service we provide to many businesses in and around the Bury, Manchester and greater northern area.”

“Anyone you can think of really, from schools in the local community, to football clubs, other small businesses such as their work uniforms and smaller family owned businesses as well. One of our best customers is Elton and Walshaw football club in Bury. They have 29 kids’ teams and have about 22 kids in a team and we do all the embroidery, sponsorship logo and numbers on the back too.”

How has the start of the year been?

“Well we’ve got over 2500 customers, so we’ve been quite busy so far this year. We have quite a few repeat orders with customers we’ve had for a long time, so those always keep us busy. Other than that we’ve always got a steady stream of orders coming in from new customers who are either testing us out or have a one-off bulk order need. ”

“We also do bags, such as promotional bags, make-up bags, sports bags, jackets, fleeces, sports jackets…basically anything you can print or do embroidery on we do it! We could even do Boost Capital blouses, polo shirts, trousers, create your own uniform.”

Why did you require additional business finance?

“Well one was to increase our stock level. We were getting loads of orders during our peak period and needed to order our basic stock which is the stuff we sell day in day out without fail in large volume. So that’s stuff like plain white t-shirts, black, red and blue t-shirts ready for the Carrera 2000 touch. Other basic stock items such as hoodies, beanie hats, and sweatshirts. The good thing about us is that we can produce the goods within 24 hours. We have a great supplier who can deliver the goods to us within 24 hours and we can then do the turnaround for the customers within the same time period to get the order in and out of the door as soon as possible.”

“That’s what gives us the edge over our competitors, we do the screen print, embroidery and transfers. A lot of firms only do one of those services such as print or embroidery. So we’re ahead of the curve as we can do it all, within a very quick turnaround too.”

Why did you choose Boost Capital?

“Well turnover is always increasing, we’re lucky that the service we provide is needed all year round, especially seasonal stuff for special occasions like Easter, Christmas and the summer months. We wanted to make sure we were ahead of the curve again and needed the additional funds to ensure we could get the stock in to fulfill the orders we always get during these very busy periods. We also required the funds for cashflow as does any other small business.”

“We also bought some excellent new machinery, such as a new cutter and a state-of-the-art printer for all the big orders we continue to get. This was a game changer as this has only enhanced the quality of the work we do. We were already quite happy with the end product, but since we’ve got these new machines in the office, customers are raving about the even better quality we produce! The funds helped us purchase those bits of machinery and we’re very grateful to Boost for helping us when we needed it.”

At Boost Capital, we know small businesses are the backbone of the U.K economy and understand getting funding to grow your business can be difficult.

That’s why we’re here to help businesses across most industries realise their dreams. With access to stress free, simple business loans. Click here to find out how we can help your business get the finance you need to grow. Alternatively, subscribe here for more regular updates on Boost Capital business loans.

For more information about Carrera 2000 go to or call 0161 763 7519.

Keep checking back for more updates in our “Champions Series” on our blog.

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