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What Can We Digest From This Nutrition Month?

By March 17, 2016 No Comments
What Can We Digest From This Nutrition Month?

Perhaps it started with Jamie Oliver and his healthy food campaign or maybe the movie Supersize Me, which promoted change through the use of some incredibly graphic observations about the dangers of eating unhealthily.

Whatever the reason, healthy eating is most definitely “in” and not just for the duration of Nutrition Month in March. Increasingly consumers are concerned with the journey of their food. Not only how it travelled from the fields to their plates, but also the sorts of toxins and chemicals that may affect the overall quality.

Fairtrade – Fad or Future?

The recently launched Fairtrade Fortnight seeks to build on this growth, with this year being especially exciting as following a slight slump last year; 2015 saw Fairtrade wine sales increase by 17% along with Fairtrade flowers jumping by 14%. This year’s celebration is built around the motto “Sit down for Breakfast, stand Up for Farmers” which aims to encourage individuals to think more deeply about the origins of their breakfast and to consider the plight of farmers. According to the website 30% of children in the world’s main tea-producing areas are malnourished whilst 80% of cocoa farmers in Cote D’Ivoire live on less than 40p a day.

There is no doubt that as more information is disseminated about the effects of our eating habits not only on our bodies but also on the global community, the way we British interact with our food will change. Interestingly, this is particularly evident in the restaurant industry, and we have picked apart two case studies that show just how much of an impact healthy eating is having on consumer trends at every end of the spectrum.

The Mae Deli

This is an offshoot of the hugely successful Deliciously Ella brand powered by Ella Woodward. Single handily responsible for the rise in spiralizers sold in the British market, Ella has quickly become the face of healthy eating. With over 650 thousand followers on Instagram and 70 thousand followers on YouTube, she symbolises the genuine desire of many to eat healthier and become better. Her deli, The Mae Deli, is a joint venture between her and her fiancé Matthew that opened only a few months ago. The Mae Deli already has well over 66 thousand followers on Instagram with queues of healthy, hungry pundits waiting each and every day to sample her nutritious recipes. Interestingly, whilst Ella is herself vegan, the deli sells meat, a decision which faced a rather loud backlash on social media. Many of her followers took to Twitter to vent their considerable frustrations. Clearly, healthy eating still remains a rather controversial and subjective topic.

McDonald’s Salad

McDonalds has long prided itself as being fast food brand, offering affordable food quickly. However, in recent years and faced with mounting public pressure, it has attempted to offer an alternative, healthier option for a more discerning customer. Many of their salads have come under criticism due to the number of calories per serving, with their “Keep Calm, Caesar On” salad containing a whopping 730 calories according to the Business Insider. The most recent addition to their menu, Kale Salad, is an obvious nod to the super food health trend that has seen people attempt to choose more nutritious, beneficial options.

21st Century Menus

Food is like fashion; it has trends, fads, and staying power. Some foods are the staple of any menu and will be around forever, but now a menu needs to have more appeal. From environmental sustainability to gluten free cuisine, your menu should change with the food trends of the time. To help you change up your menu or include innovative new specials, Boost Capital can help you with the cash flow to carry out appropriate market research, and facilitate the stock that will work best with your modern menu.

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