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Business finance

Why business loan interest rates aren’t everything

TL;DR: Short-term loans with high annual interest rates might work out cheaper in the long-run, and mean you’re free of debt sooner. In most situations, interest rates are a great…
09 May, 2019
Beer garden
Your industry

How to get customers swarming to your beer garden this summer

Why does winter always seem to last forever in this country? Months and months of dark nights and cold, wet weather conspire to keep us indoors for most of the…
07 May, 2019
London skyscrapers
Business finance

5 reasons banks don’t lend to small businesses any more

Small businesses have a big impact on the British economy. 99% of all businesses in the country are defined as small or medium-sized. But since the financial collapse in 2008,…
02 May, 2019
Person holding a phone

Digital natives and digital immigrants: What’s the difference?

Over the last thirty years or so, technology has almost completely transformed the way we live our lives. The rise of personal computers was followed by the explosion of the…
30 April, 2019
Business finance

Do you have to be a homeowner to get a business loan?

TL;DR: No, you don’t. But it depends where you apply. “Are you a homeowner?” You’re likely to come across this question while you’re on the search for business funding. But…
26 April, 2019
Scott from Financial Advantage Group
Testimonials & case studies

Case study: How we help a US broker fund their UK deals

Our dedicated team of business development managers work with brokers across the UK to help businesses get the funding they need. But we also work with some brokers who are…
23 April, 2019
Restaurant website
Your industry

6 things your restaurant’s website must have in 2019

Without a website, your restaurant could be missing out big time. More and more diners are doing their research on where to eat online. But just having a website for…
19 April, 2019
Credit score
Business finance

What credit score do you need to have to be eligible for a business loan?

Credit: InvestmentZen. TL;DR: There’s no hard and fast rule, and your credit score is usually just one of many factors taken into consideration. Your credit score is used by lenders…
17 April, 2019
In the news

29% of small businesses expect Brexit to have a negative effect

We're 14 days past the original Brexit deadline of 29th March, and yet we're still in the European Union. Parliament has rejected Theresa May's deal three times, and a six-month…
12 April, 2019
Boxes in stock room
Business finance

What can you use a business loan for?

Debt can be a very misunderstood animal. It’s normal for most people to talk of being in debt as being a bad thing. Our first assumption when someone’s described as…
03 April, 2019