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The Boost Capital ‘Champions Series’ – Sicily Food

Boost Capital 'Champions Series' - Sicily Food - Customer Testimonial
Boost Capital 'Champions Series' - Sicily Food - Customer Testimonial

Boost Capital ‘Champions Series’ – Sicily Food

The ‘Champions Series’

Our newest addition to the Boost Capital ‘Champions Series’ is here. Today we’re featuring Sicily Food ltd, suppliers of the finest food, fruit and veg to the restaurant, hotel and catering trades here in the U.K. Keeping the fine art of great Italian food alive in the U.K and making it more accessible both for businesses and retail customers alike.

Tell us about your business

“Sicily Food Ltd is a company close to my heart. My name is Tony Baio and I’m from Sicily in Italy. The most wonderful place, one of the most beautiful places in Italy and certainly Europe. Here at Sicily food we import the very best of Italian food, fruit and veg. We stock everything from preserves to baked goods such as the world famous Italian Cannoli’s.”

“One of our best sellers is of-course our pasta and what Italians hold very close to their hearts our olive oil. All of our products come direct from Italy and they are of the finest quality. Most stores in the U.K that stock this kind of food don’t always have the best quality. We make sure whatever we import is of the finest taste and quality. Our aim is to showcase Italian food at its finest. Italians are known the world over for their food, so we wanted to ensure this came across in the products we stocked.”

“We sell online to both the retail and commercial trade sectors. We supply multiple hotels, cafes and restaurants all over London. They appreciate the quality of our products and we love working with them on a day-to-day basis. Their customers love the authentic taste of the dishes they create and it gives us great pride that they keep coming back to us as their supplier of choice.”

“Our retail trade has picked up recently and we’re very proud of that as well. We’ve become quite famous in the Italian community and get loads of repeat business from our customers.”

How has the start of the year been?

“It’s been great for us as we’ve secured a couple of new commercial contracts and also seen a growth in our retail customer base too. It seems Italian food is becoming the new ‘in’ thing again.”

Why did you require additional business finance?

“We wanted to ensure we could meet the new demands on the business and needed the funds to increase our stock levels. We’ve also had a huge request to add new products to our core set, so we wanted to invest the time and money into looking into the best of what was requested to ensure we could provide the same high quality products our customers expect of us. Further to this we wanted to re-do our website, with the addition of the new products and the increase in sales. We needed to ensure our site was on par with the quality of our products and we’re very proud of what has been achieved. We were also able to spend some money on new marketing efforts to attract further new business, which has also been a great success for us.”

“The funds we got from Boost Capital have really helped us up our game and become much more efficient in our process.”

Why did you choose Boost Capital?

“Well, we had a short term finance need and were looking at a number providers and Boost was one of them. We were surprised by the ease of the process and the speed in which everything was done. The whole process was very clear from the start, they detailed everything that was needed to get this in place. Once I had sent over was what required, they had a decision for me in double quick time. They were extremely professional in their approach and made the process very smooth from application through to funding.”

“In the future we’re looking to move to a bigger warehouse as the business continues to grow off the back of our recent investments thanks to Boost. We will also require a new delivery van in due course to keep up with the demand and ensure we continue to provide the best service we can. When this time comes there is only one place we will go to get the additional funds to make those plans a reality and that’s Boost Capital.”

At Boost Capital, we know small businesses are the backbone of the U.K economy and understand getting funding to grow your business can be difficult.

That’s why we’re here to help businesses across most industries realise their dreams. With access to stress free, simple business loans. Click here to find out how we can help your business get the finance you need to grow. Alternatively, subscribe here for more regular updates on Boost Capital business loans.

For more information about Sicily Food go to

Keep checking back for more updates in our “Champions Series” on our blog.

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