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The Boost Capital ‘Champions Series’ – Top Quoter

By July 20, 2018 No Comments
Boost Capital - Champions Series- Top Quoter
Boost Capital - Champions Series- Top Quoter

Boost Capital – Champions Series- Top Quoter

The Boost Capital ‘Champions Series’ – Top Quoter

Today the Boost Capital ‘Champions Series’ features Top Quoter a wonderful home improvement business based out of Stevenage in Hertfordshire. We speak to owner Christopher Jay and find out more about what they do, their plans for the future and what Boost Capital finance has done for their business.

Tell us about your business

“We’re based in Stevenage and run a home improvement business. We do a range of different products such as, Kitchens, bedrooms, double-glazed windows, conservatories, garage conversions and even orangeries. That’s just the home improvement side of the business.”

“We then also do a whole range of eco-friendly products and services. We do intelligent and infrared heading, solar panels, air-to-air climate control and even ambient eco heating and water supply. As well as eco friendly boilers.”

“We make sure we serve our customers for life. For example, ff we get a customer for a boiler, we can make sure we can offer additional services to really ensure their home is well catered for. So we may even get to do their kitchen and conservatory or be able to offer the additional heating and plumbing products. It’s a full end-to-end home improvement service which is managed by industry professionals in our team who have been in the trade for over 20 years each. We’ve got more than 100 years combined expertise in our team and that’s what makes us so unique and so good at what we do.”

Why did you require additional business finance?

“The funding has allowed us to purchase stock and pay for them in advance instead of having to wait for our own invoices to be paid. So this has helped us ensure we have the stock to meet the new demands on the business and not worry about having to delay work as we didn’t have the funds to purchase the stock. This way we can keep on taking new contracts knowing full well we have the inventory there to supply the customers.”

“Buying in bulk has also helped us save 15% on our original prices, so it’s been really great in that sense.”

Why did you choose Boost Capital?

“The unique quality of Boost Capital is that the daily payments are so manageable. The funds were sorted in a couple of days. No time at all really. The service was second-to-none and it all really allowed me to spend the money wisely and consolidate all our stock purchases into one and get it all for a cheaper price to ensure we can make more margin and profit.”

“We went to another couple of lenders and their process was so long and the systems they had in place to help me where so old. Boost are amazing, much better service, with better systems and the speed and efficiency has helped the business ten-fold. I would recommend you to anyone. Thank you so much indeed and I want to say without a shadow of a doubt this is the best process I have ever seen in business finance. I want to say thank you to everyone at Boost, thank you all.”

At Boost Capital, we know small businesses are the backbone of the U.K economy and understand getting funding to grow your business can be difficult.

That’s why we’re here to help businesses across most industries realise their dreams. With access to stress free, simple business loans. Click here to find out how we can help your business get the finance you need to grow. Alternatively, subscribe here for more regular updates on Boost Capital business loans.

For more information about Top Quoter, their products and services call their 24 hour line on 08081 000 130 or go to

Keep checking back for more updates in our “Champions Series” on our blog and hear more from satisfied customers on how Boost Capital finance has helped them transform their business.

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