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Q. Why will I love Boost Capital?

  • Attractive commissions
  • Dedicated relationship manager
  • Easy application with minimal paperwork required
  • Fast approvals – same day
  • Competitive pricing
  • Marketing support that we can provide to help you educate your clients on the benefits of unsecured finance
  • Monthly incentives
  • Bespoke auto-decision technology allows faster funding so you can get your deals over the line quicker and hassle free (happy client = happy broker)

Q. Why will my clients love Boost Capital?

  • No assets required
  • Simple application
  • Same-day decision
  • Funding in as little as two business days
  • High approval amounts
  • Decisions made in hours for deals up to £35,000 through our auto-decisioning model – no human-touch underwriting needed
  • Flexible repayment options (early pay discounts and easy renewal process)
  • 5-star customer service from an award-winning business

Q. What commission structure does Boost Capital offer?

We provide a very competitive commission programme to our brokers. Please get in touch for more information.

Q. What paperwork do businesses need to provide?

The documents we require depend on the business and how much funding is requested and approved. But at a minimum, we need documents that show:

  • Their trading history (e.g. three months’ bank statements)
  • Their identify (e.g. a copy of their passport)
  • A Boost Capital application form

Q. Can a business repay early?

Yes, early repayment is possible. The loan can be paid in full at any time without any additional penalties being added.

Q. What are the repayment terms?

We’ve structured the repayment process to be as business-friendly as possible. Repayment is made automatically through small, more manageable daily direct debits. Before receiving business funding, the business owner will know exactly how much is being deducted from their bank account. The fixed repayment amount is determined based on the business’s unique cash flow, ensuring the business is never left without capital to maintain their daily operations.

Q. How quickly can a business receive funding?

Businesses can be approved and receive funding in as little as two business days.

Q. What types of businesses do Boost Capital fund?

Boost Capital can provide funding to the majority of business types. Funding is provided based on an assessment of the health of the business.

Q. What criteria do businesses need to meet to get funding?

We look at a variety of factors to determine whether we’re able to provide funding for a business. But at minimum, they need to have been in business three years or more and already have at least £6,000 average monthly sales turnover.

For our merchant cash advance, businesses need to have been trading for only nine months.

Q. What is the most you can fund?

We can provide business loans from £3,000 depending on your client’s business and, in particular, their average monthly turnover. In line with our responsible lending policy, the loan amount will reflect the cash flow of the company.

Q. What is the funding application process?

We will provide you with your own dedicated Boost Capital relationship manager who will assist you throughout the application process.

If you’ve got questions about our business loans, you can find the answers on our FAQ page.

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